Digging up bottle - drawn by Lloyd Marchand

Appraising Antique Bottles

Almost everyone wants to know the answer to the magical question: "How much is my bottle worth?".

One good way to make this determination is do a search of the completed items at eBay and see if someone has sold the same bottle.
Also check for your bottle against this list of common bottles.
The sad realization of most people is that their bottle is not valuable (sorry you people with those Chlorox bottles).
But sometimes you get lucky and your bottle is a good one. So you never know unless you check.

If you want free help appraising your bottles, or even selling them (one or a whole collection), contact:

Reggie Lynch
Email: rlynch@antiquebottles.com
Mail: PO Box 2286, Forest, VA 24551 USA

Be sure to include important info about each bottle, such as condition, embossing, BIM or ABM, color, and the other types of things needed when asking a bottle question.

To check out some high-priced, beautiful bottles, view these record setters. If you bottle shows up there, then you know you have a good one.

Kovel's has a Online Price Guide where you can look-up the price of your collectibles, including bottles. Requires a free trial sign-up first. Can look up your first 50 items for free. Check them out.

Digger Odell has a good page on Determining Bottle Values that may help you appraise your bottle.

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