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Auctions for Antique Bottle Collectors

Place your bid for your favorite bottles. Some bidding (like eBay) is done completely on-line. Because the price of a bottle varies greatly depending upon its condition (e.g. cracks, chips) and color, use caution when bidding on bottles - especially if you don't have a clear picture to review. Some auctions will offer buyer satisfication guarantee, which helps you bid with more confidence. While bargains can often be found, bidding wars can also inflate the normal market value of a bottle.

Here are short-cuts to the auction info on this page:
Ebay American Bottle Auctions Glass Works American Glass Gallery
McMurray BBR Heckler BottleAuction

  1. eBay is a great place to buy&sell antique bottles on-line.
    Most Antique Bottles on eBay can be found under the Collectibles:Bottles category. But be sure to check seller feedback rating, and insure seller offers a satisfaction guarantee.

    Another way to find bottles at eBay is by Searching for one of the following words in the "title" line: bottle, medicine, cure, warner, bitters, flask, ink bottle, inkwell, poison, barber bottle, apothecary, pontil, tradecard, trade card, adcard, jar, coke bottle, coca cola bottle, coca-cola bottle, pepsi bottle, pepsi-cola bottle, fruit jar, or glass. Note you can use "*" as wildcard search character so that "ink*" would find "ink", "inks", and "inkwells".

    Guarantee: Bidders at eBay should insist on a "Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee" from the seller BEFORE bidding on items. Having that guarantee will help you bid with confidence.

    Reserves: Bidders at eBay dislike it when sellers place a reserve minimum price on items for auction. Reserves should not really be necessary at eBay since things will usually sell for their current market value. Bidders don't like wasting their precious time placing bids on items with a reserve price unless they know they have a serious chance of winning the item. Enough said.
    Check out Reggie's About Me page at eBay.

  2. American Bottle Auctions (formerly Pacific Glass Auctions) is located in California and is the premier place to find Western Glass.

  3. Glass Works Glass-Works Auctions is operated by Jim Hagenbuch and is one of the leading bottle auctions in the country.

  4. New New site that sold the Pickett collection in September 2004. Next auction endins at the Las Vegas show in February 2005.

  5. McMurray Antiques and Auctions is currently running their Mail/Phone Bid Catalogued Auction of Patent Medicines, Apothecary/Drugstore Items, Paper, Pills-Tins and Veterinary Items. Auction #20 closes Saturday February 8, 2003 at 10pm EST.
    See McMurray's web page for some highlights in the auction. For an auction catalog with all items pictured in color, send $15 to: McMurray Antiques, Box 393, Kirkwood, N.Y. 13795. Phone/fax is 607-775-2321, 2nd phone at 607-775-5972.

  6. American Glass Gallery operated by John Pastor.

  7. BBR Auctions is an English auction company hosted by Alan Blakeman, Email: Check their web page for details on upcoming auctions.

  8. Norman C. Heckler & Company
    Phone: (860) 974-1634, FAX: (860) 974-2003
    Postal address: 79 Bradford Corner Road, Woodstock Valley, CT 06282
    Email for General Information:
    Next absentee auction ends March 30, 2011 and can be viewed at

  9. Woodpecker has some bottles for auction under the Pottery & Glass category.

  10. Hantman's has some nice flasks and bottles in their upcoming auction on Oct 23/24, 1999. Catalog available, and some items can be viewed online. Live auction that accepts absentee bids. See their web page for more details.

  11. Charles G. Moore Americana of New York. Caution using this company!!!
    The owner skipped out of state without paying sellers. Poor Watt White didn't receive a cent for his huge ink collection that was sold by Charles Moore. For more details about this bottle fugitive see article in Maine Antique Digest and Glenn Poch's newsletter.

    Charles Moore renamed/moved his gallery in August 1997 to:

    Excelsior Gallery
    4223 North Marshall Way, Suite 2
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
    (602) 945-2300, (602) 945-2328 fax
    a subsidiary of MGM Galleries, Ltd.
    One bidder has reported that they finally received the bottle they ordered in Charles Moore Auction #88. Sounds like they are on the long road to recovery.

    Read Dec 1998 article in Maine Antique Digest about indictment of Charles Moore.

  12. Antique Week Online with Ads, Shows, Auctions, Flea Markets, ...

  13. CurioScape Antique/Collectibles Auction Listings

  14. glassCo Auctions is a Canadian site that closed their doors in November of 1997. We will all miss working with Keith and Rhonda.

The Auction Price Report is a great bottle price reference guide for auctions.

See Phil Culhane's remarks about auctions.

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