unmoderated group rec.antiques.bottles

Newsgroup line:
rec.antiques.bottles Antique Bottle Collecting.

Proponent: Reggie Lynch
Proponent: Glenn Poch
Mentor: Jonathan Grobe
Votetaker: Jim Davis

RATIONALE: rec.antiques.bottles

A fast growing number of Antique Bottle Collectors are starting to use the Internet to further their hobby interests. Specializing a newsgroup for them will promote this hobby on the Internet, while off-loading the over-burdened rec.antiques and rec.antiques.marketplace newsgroups.

CHARTER: rec.antiques.bottles

Rec.antiques.bottles is an unmoderated group created with the purpose of promoting the hobby of Antique Bottle Collecting. This newsgroup will promote discussions and questions about the hobby, as well as allow classified ads (i.e. for-sale and want-to-buy). The same classfied ad should not be reposted more than once a week.

Antique Bottle Collecting has many closely related go-with's and extras, such as the advertising sign for an old medicine bottle. These will also be covered in rec.antiques.bottles.

It is not within the scope of this charter to define "antique", but it is generally expected that objects covered will have been made prior to 1950. Generally speaking, a "bottle" is a container (usually made of glass, but sometimes pottery) for products that were sold.

Items appropriate for discussion, questions, for-sale, and want-to-buy in rec.antiques.bottles include (but are not limited to) glass bottle containers for medicine, cures, bitters, soda (Coke, Pepsi, ...), mineral water, soda water, milk, ink wells, barber, perfume, cologne, whiskey, beer, poison, peanut butter, pickle, and vinegar. Also included are historical flasks, pitkin flasks, ginger beer (a pottery bottle), case gin, target balls, fire grenades, witch balls, and glass-sealed bottles.

Decorative or ornamental glass items are excluded from rec.antiques.bottles. These type of glass items include crystal, Depression glass, vases, and ash trays. As opposed to bottles, these glass items did not hold a product for sale.

Newer bottles like Avon, Jim Beam, and Ezra Brooks are excluded from rec.antiques.bottles.

Glass Insulators are excluded from rec.antiques.bottles.



Changes to rec.antiques.bottles should be crossposted to the newsgroups:


Proponent's addendum: Someone pointed out to me that we forgot to include Fruit Jars in the list of items that can be discussed within this newsgroup. This was an unfortunate oversight. Discussion of Fruit Jars will be welcomed on the rec.antiques.bottles newsgroup.

Another person pointed out an important point - in addition to the value/advertising of bottles, we should stress the history of bottles.

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