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Antique Codd Bottle Hall of Fame

Here are some of the best antique Codd Bottles seen on the Internet. If you have a top Codd that you would like to show off here, then please submit JPG picture and description to Also indicate whether you would like to publicize your name/Email as the owner of the bottle.

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W. COLLYER NOTTINGHAM / Codds patent 4, London, S.E.

An extremely rare and desirable patent variation to the Codd bottle. The firm of W. Collyer used 8-sided blob top bottles during the 1860's, and this particular shape was devised by Hiram Codd to enable Collyer to become familiar with the newly invented internally stoppered Codd, whilst at the same time still able to use his existing filling machines. This example is 1 of only 9 or 10 complete examples.

Info courtesy of seller Stuart Roffey of Nottingham, UK,


Nice emerald green Codd.

J. Eckersley. Bolton / Codds bottle. Makers, Dan Rylands, Barnsley

Aqua Codd bottle with cobalt blue lip sold by Stuart Roffey of Nottingham, UK,

Seller info:

Dan Rylands patented the coloured lip in 1889, and here follows an extract from the Rylands' 1889 catalogue... 'One of the greatest greivances of a large mineral water manufacturer at the present day is the continual loss of bottles, quantities of which are either stolen or resold by hawkers, or accidentally mixed with those of other manufacturers of the same town. We have therefore obtained a patent for colouring certain portions of any bottle, by which means a mineral water manufacturer can detect his bottles at a considerable distance, without the trouble of having to look whether his name is engraved on the bottle. To accomplish this object we make the mouth portion of the bottle any of the colours mentioned below, the remaining portion of the bottle being of ordinary pale glass. Of course we shall be at liberty to make any colur for different makers, but on no account shall we use the same colour for two makers in any one district. The usual colours a! vailable are blue, amber and green, the price for the coloured mouths being 2 shillings per gross in addition to the ordinary price'

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