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  1. Corning Museum of Glass

  2. Wheaton Village with Museum of American Glass.

  3. SODA BOTTLERS OF SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA AND NORTHEAST TENNESSEE is a site by Joseph T. Lee that gives the history of bottling companies in this area.

  4. Maine Antique Digest Magazine which has great info and a great link page.

  5. Collectibles Insurance Agency

  6. Antiques & Collectibles Guide

  7. Antique Week Online with Ads, Shows, Auctions, Flea Markets, ...

  8. Swappers & Collectors Pages Everything for collectors: Chats, Lists, Links, Newsgroups...

  9. Links section of Federation of Historic Bottle Collectors

  10. Simon's Australian Glass and Stoneware

  11. Tino's Bottle Page run by Tino Romero Email:

  12. Ed & Lucy Faulkner's Home Page

  13. Old Bottles & Metal Detecting

  14. Antique Bottles of Baltimore by Chris Rowell.

  15. Bottle Digging in the UK

  16. Little Brown Jug has everything about these items. Email Greg at:

  17. Bottle Diggers page by Phil in England.

  18. Mike and Lila's Bottles, Email:

  19. Bottle Zone - Building an extensive resource for the bottle collecting community online. Larry Ford.

  20. Collecting Channel has channels for Antiques and Collectibles.

  21. Southeastern Antiquing & Collecting Magazine

  22. Antiques & Collectibles Online Research Library

  23. The Nations Attic Email: is a antique service for individuals or businesses that wish to buy, sell or just view collectibles that are for sale on the Internet.

  24. The Collector Pages

  25. Bottle Collecting by Aqua Explorers

  26. Alex's Web Page with some antique bottle stuff. Email:

  27. Steve's Collectibles with links to other antique sites.

  28. Portobello - Australia's Antiques Portal

  29. Reggie's Antique Bottle Background
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