Antique Bottle Collectors Haven E.G. BOOZ WHISKEY Reproduction Bottle with cut
                      gables circled in red

Reproductions of Antique Bottles

Although reproductions (called "repro" for short) have become collectible themselves, noone wants to pay the price for an original and receive a repro. You can help arm yourself against accidently buying a repro by educating yourself.

An excellent source of info for identifying reproductions bottles is part IX on page 678 of McKearin's "American Bottles & Flasks and Their Ancestry".

In general, any bottle marked (typically on the base) with:

is a reproduction bottle.

Any bottle marked on the base with an "I" within an "O" (for Owens-Illinois) is a series of accurately reproduced bottles put out but the Historical Bottle Collectors Guild.

One of the most common reproduction bottles is "E.G. BOOZ'S OLD CABIN WHISKEY". Page 686-687 of McKearin's "American Bottles & Flasks and Their Ancestry" has excellent info for identifying the repro from the original. These bottle has faked out both novice and experienced collectors. Some general guidelines for distinguishing repro vs. original BOOZ bottles:

Other noteworthy reproduction bottles:

Links to other sites about Reproduction Bottles:

This web page hosted by Antique Bottle Collectors Haven

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