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Newsgroups for Antique Bottle Collectors

The rec.antiques.bottles newsgroup was created March 19, 1997. Use your newsreader to subscribe to it (no charge) and follow on-line news and questions about antique bottle collecting. If you can't find this new newsgroup but can find the older rec.antiques newsgroup, then ask your local ISP (Internet Service Provider) to add rec.antiques.bottles to their newsfeed server.

Note that Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator have built-in newsreaders. Your local ISP can help you configure your newsreader so you will be able to read newsgroups.

News Groups and forums on the Internet where you can find Antique Bottle related info:

  1. rec.antiques.bottles for discussion/selling of antique bottles. Current charter.

  2. sponsors a forum for antique bottle collectors.

  3. rec.collecting for discussion/selling of collectibles (less than 50 years old).

  4. rec.antiques for questions/discussion of antiques (no ads, more than 50 years old).

  5. rec.antiques.marketplace for buying/selling antiques (more than 50 years old).

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