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Glenn Poch's
Bottle Collecting Newsletters

This page contains the entire series of Bottle Collecting Newsletters from Glenn Poch. Many informative articles are included in these newsletters. Glenn encourages other collectors to contribute articles to the newsletter. Collectors may also Email their For Sale and Want to Buy ads to Glenn so he can include them in the newsletter for free. Questions may also be submitted to Glenn for inclusion in upcoming newsletters.

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  1. Newsletter 1 Feb 1995 topics Bottle Value

  2. Newsletter 2 Mar 1995 topics Where to Dig/Find Bottles, Fake Dutch Onions and Jars, Fire Grenades, Witch Balls, Target Balls and Ravenna Glass Works

  3. Newsletter 3 Apr 1995 topics Bottle Magazines and Value of Damaged Bottles and Cleaning Bottles

  4. Newsletter 4 May/Jun 1995 topics Turtle Inks and Colors

  5. Newsletter 5 Jul 1995 topics Reproductions

  6. Newsletter 6 Aug 1995 topics Repro Candy Containers and Bitters

  7. Newsletter 7 Sep 1995 topics Poisons

  8. Newsletter 8 Oct/Nov 1995 topics Ruby Red Bottles and Cup Plates

  9. Newsletter 9 Dec/Jan 1995/96 topics Target Balls and Not To Be Sold?

  10. Newsletter 10 Feb/Mar 1996 topics Bottle Blowing and Barber Bottles

  11. Newsletter 11 May/Jun 1996 topics Fruit Jars, Midwestern Glass and Pros/Cons of Bottle Auctions

  12. Newsletter 12 Aug/Sep 1996 topics Bottle Value/Damage, Barber Bottles, and Stoddard Glass

  13. Newsletter 13 Oct/Nov 1996 topics Bottle Worth and Bohemian Glass.

  14. Newsletter 14 Nov/Dec 1996 topics Beer Bottles and Ink Wells

  15. Newsletter 15 Jan/Feb 1997 topics Commemerative and Reproduction Bottles, Distinguishing Cologne, Perfume, Toilet Water, and Scents, ACL Soda and Stone Ware

  16. Newsletter 16 Mar/Apr 1997 topics Milk Bottles, Target Balls and Asa Soule and Hop Bitters Co

  17. Newsletter 17 May/Jun 1997 topics Christmas Lights, Wheaton Glass, and Digging Stories

  18. Newsletter 18 Jul/Aug 1997 topics Root Beer Extracts, Whiskey & Bitters Pigs, and Apothecary Bottles

  19. Newsletter 19 Sep/Oct 1997 topics New Charles Moore Auction, Pickle Bottles, Bertrand Bottles, Owl Drug Company, Auctions, and Wanted/For Sale.

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